INSIGHT – Boston Police Department deploys “The Bango” bomb disposal technology in terrorist manhunt

Fri Apr 19 2013, 14:27 PM
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Boston is on lockdown after Dzokhar Tsarnaev, one of the suspects behind the Boston Marathon bombing, has gone on the run after his brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev died following an exchange of gunfire with police.

During an earlier police chase, the suspects threw explosives from a hijacked car. As the Boston Police Department closed in on a property where the suspects were believed to be hiding, their Special Operations truck arrived with a bomb disposal robot and a spherical device labelled “The Bango”.

The Bango is a Total Containment Vessel (TCV), used when a bomb disposal robot cannot safely destroy or deactivate an explosive device and instead carries the device to the TCV and places it inside.

The wheel-lock side-loading door port is opened and closed using a hydraulic system powered by an on-board generator with a manual override. Once sealed, it is then taken to a safe location and the bomb safely destroyed.

The 4ft sphere is made from 1.5 inch thick HY-100 steel, the same material used to construct the US Navy’s fleet of Seawolf-class nuclear submarines. Detonation charges are placed through vent holes, and following a controlled explosion the pressure is slowly vented over the course of an hour. It is tested to withstand up to 10lbs of C-4 plastic explosive.

The exact model used by Boston PD is unknown, but similar devices are provided to US Police Departments by NABCO.