French future solider system FELIN makes European debut

Fri Apr 13 2012, 16:38 PM

France’s future solider system FELIN has been used for the first time in a joint exercise by a company of the 8th RPIMA, a marine infantry paratrooper regiment of the French Army, in training conducted by the 5 Scots battalion of the British Army.

Developed and produced by Sagem, FELIN is a high-tech integrated equipment suite for soldier modernisation programs chosen by the French Army for all infantry units.

France has ordered 22,600 FELIN systems, which are currently now being shipped and have already been deployed with several French army regiments which are already equipped.

The system saw its first foreign deployment last December in Afghanistan, with the La Fayette Task Force, where it proved its effectiveness in theatre.

FELIN systems comprise a modified weapon system, integral sensors, wearable computer, communications and display systems, advanced uniform, protection, and headgear, with a total weight of just 24kg, including weaponry, energy, ammunition, water, and food. Future variants may include miniature UAVs, a robot mule to carry company equipment, and commander- specific equipment.