Metal Storm to supply weapons to Papua New Guinea prisons

Wed Aug 4 2010, 16:44 PM

Defence technology specialist Metal Storm has been awarded a contract worth $3.4 million to supply non-lethal weapons systems to the correctional services of Papua New Guinea.

Under the production contract, the company will supply 500 Multi-Shot Accessory Underbarrel Launcher (MAUL) weapons and 50,000 rounds of non-lethal ammunition. MAUL is a lightweight 12-gauge gun system that attaches to the barrel of the M4 and M16 Modular Weapon Systems (MWS).

MAUL weapons will be issued to prison officers, providing non-lethal response capabilities that can be lifted to immediate lethal response if necessary.

Metal Storm CEO Lee Finniear said that MAUL is designed so that if weapons fall into unauthorised hands they cannot be used with conventional ammunition purchased illegally. This supports initiatives by the government of Papua New Guinea to stem the flow of illegal weapons.