Raytheon produces 1000th Paveway GBU-58 munition

Mon Apr 2 2012, 16:40 PM

Raytheon has produced the 1,000th Paveway laser-guided precision munition kit, marking a major production milestone in the programme.

The Paveway laser-guided precision munition kit is capable of transforming standard bombs into precision guided weapons.

Raytheon Missile Systems Air Warfare Systems vice president Harry Schulte said the Guided Bomb Unit-58 (GBU-58), offers combatants a small, precision-guided munition that reduces collateral damage.

"The Paveway family of weapons blends standoff capability with flexible warhead options, making it a cost-effective precision solution," Schulte added.

The 250-pound GBU-58 is integrated on to the Hawker-Beechcraft AT-6, currently being used in counter-insurgency operations, and Dassault’s Super Etendard and Mirage 3 aircraft.

The Paveway family of weapons is integrated on more than 25 aircraft, including the Jaguar and Rafale. More than 300,000 Paveway systems have been delivered by the company to 43 countries.